Order Status

 Using the form below, simply enter the order number you were provided when you completed checkout (and in your order confirmation email) and the e-mail address you used to place your order. This will tell you if your order is processing/in progress ( still being made or awaiting packing) or fulfilled ( packed and awaiting postage).

-Once an item has been packed it will get it's postage within a few days. Once the postage has been printed you get a tracking number emailed to you. This can be used at USPS.com

-Please be sure to read the SHOP UPDATE page or the POLICY page if there is any confusion. If you still need help please contact the shop using the orange tab on the left. 

 Remember that everything is made by one person, there is an estimated 2-14 business day processing window for all orders. Orders usually ship fridays.

 Please note: Your order number is not your postal tracking number! You will receive your tracking number via email once the item ships out.