I have had many people ask how to attach straps to their blank masks and this is how I make the adjustable straps for my ready to wear masks. This way it can be worn by different sized faces.This uses a 1" metal bra slide and 1" flat elastic about 10" -12" long with felt squares and high heat hot glue. I use the high heat since it's a bit stronger than normal craft hot glue and recommend the Surebonder high temp industrial gun with Steinel high heat glue sticks. Keep in mind you may still need to use heat...

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House flood


Long story short, last week there was a mishap with a contractor at our house resulting in a flood. Yes, the house we just moved into three months ago. The second and ground level , which includes my workspace, is currently being renovated while we live in an Airbnb for the foreseeable future. The damage to the house itself is severe and I will not have a proper workspace for awhile. I am working with my assistant to get orders out the door and resume blank mask releases but most of my time is spent dealing with this crisis so...

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 Good news! The second round of Robodogman pre-orders have been fulfilled! I will be taking a break from them for a bit but another round is not out of the question this year.  I am also moving house and work space. I will not have a proper studio for a few weeks starting Monday- my assistant will still be pouring blank masks so there will be a few surprise drops in the shop but shipping may be delayed after early next week until my computer is unpacked. If everything goes smoothly, the work space should be up and running again...

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Good news! Shipping supplies have arrived and I will be caught up on shipping this week. Everything that is not a pre-order is fulfilled and will be in the mail within two days. THANK YOU for being patient during the small delay :)

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Hello!  Due to coronavirus isolation, my assistant won't be able to help me for awhile. While I will do my best to get all of the orders prepped,  wrapped and shipped, things may be a bit slow for the rest of the month! Please stay healthy everyone!

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