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Back From Dragoncon

  I'd like to thank everyone who came by my table at Dragoncon this past weekend! Happy to get to know some fans better and make new ones! Regretfully it will probably be my last since i have less time and energy for conventions lately.... Read more

Costuming at DragonCon!

 I will be costuming at night during DragonCon! Most likely at night since i need to sell my work at my dealers table during the day. No i will not sell work in costume, sorry! People just don't buy monsters from monsters i don't know... Read more

Masks, out of office.

 I'm working on shipping Dragoncat half masks out early this week. Deluxe paint and recently ordered silver masks might not ship until i get back from Dragoncon... sorry, it's been extremely busy here because of con prep and wrapping up a costume build. As with... Read more


  Just got back from Dragon*Con and had a really good time! I’d like to sincerely thank all of the people that came by my table this year. Everyone was super cool and friendly! I’ll be back for D*C 2012 for sure. The shop will... Read more

Where is everything?

 I have taken a lot of inventory down to go with me to DragonCon ! Stuff that doesn't sell at the convention will be back in stock in early to mid September.  Here is how to find me at Dragon Con 2011:  My table will be... Read more

Shirts coming monday, bandanas are back!

 Men's Cthulhu shirts will be back monday the 15th! They will be available in grey or black. The new prints will still be very soft and durable but will be MUCH brighter and more crisp/even.  I will have them at Dragon Con as well!  How... Read more