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Panther preorders all sent!

Panther pre-orders have all been mailed out or are in a box waiting for a shipping label! Hooray and thank you! Read more

Silver panther mask update

Ok, rounding the corner on the last batch of the silver panther mask pre-orders! I will have all orders for silver panther masks out the door HOPEFULLY by next week. The rest of the orders that were placed in January will be out soon afterwards.... Read more

Masks, shipping

The Ornate Panther mask pre-order is going well! There are still a few left, i made a large number of each option available. Once they are sold out, the DIY and the silver will no longer be offered. I will be shipping out NON- PREORDER... Read more


Pre-orders for the new mask design will be opening FRIDAY December 12th at 3pm central! It will be $72 plus shipping. I may open for pre-orders for painted versions this Friday as well- not 100% sure yet. Please be aware that this is a pre-sale.... Read more