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More mask news!

Chompy blank DIY pre-orders have ALL been sent out! There are still some left in the production number so if you order one now it will get to you within the usual shipping time frame. Hooray! Painted Chompy pre-orders will start to ship this week. ... Read more

Chompy update

Waiting on some shipping supplies to arrive in the mail! Ran out of boxes and packing paper- they should be here soon and shipping for the DIY masks can resume. Painted Chompy masks ordered through the pre-order will start to ship soon. Read more

More mask news!

I'm almost halfway through casting/ mailing the DIY Chompy mask pre-orders! Hooray for a more efficient mold method and simple shaped design- makes production MUCH faster! If everything keeps at this pace all of the DIY pre-orders should be wrapped up by the end of... Read more

CHOMPY DIY is already shipping

Well, great news! Got a head start on the Chompy blank pre-order so there is already a batch to ship out. Larry is hard at work pouring so im hoping this will all get wrapped up way way ahead of schedule! There is another design... Read more

DIY and painted edition info for Chompy

I'm posting information here for people to review before the pre-order opens and as a reference for customers once the pre-order sells out: DIY INFO: " PLEASE read everything here carefully! Here is some info on what to expect from a pre-order: http://missmonster.myshopify.com/blogs/news/15162601-preorder-and-mask-info   As... Read more


New mask pre-order opens up this Friday August 22nd at 3pm central ( USA Chicago time) I will be offering DIY ( do it yourself) blank raw casts of the Chompy design in limited numbers. Once all of the pre-order numbers have been filled, this... Read more