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Mask news!

 Good news! I will start shipping the pre-ordered kitsune masks this coming week. They will be first come, first served. Please keep in mind i have to ship them in batches. So if a friend of yours got a shipping notice and you didn't ,... Read more


 I will be wrapping up production of the 2nd edition DIY Kitsune masks toward the end of next week. The last batch of masks will ship out  over the next two weeks! Thanks to everyone for being patient and respecting the production time, it takes... Read more


 I wanted to make this known to avoid any confusion! The 2nd edition red DIY kitsune masks that were sold on January 14 will be sent out in waves. In other words, they will not all be sent in one big lump but a portion... Read more

Good news!

 The production for the FULL DIY blank Dragoncat pre-orders is ahead of schedule. I should start to ship those early next week! I will also be doing a run of DragonCon exclusive Dragoncat mask colorways! Very limited edition of 10. More info on that soon... Read more

Foo bandanas are in!

 Good news, got the foo bandanas in from the printer! Pre-ordered bandanas will start to process and ship this week. Read more


 I have new masks that will be up for pre-order THIS THURSDAY afternoon. They will be made in limited numbers like all of my other mask designs. I will have DIY options ( full and half masks) and finished versions ( most likely metallic finishes... Read more

More mask news!

 The first batch of mask shipments should be hitting people's doors soon! The second wave will be going out at the end of this week ... people who got a fulfillment around ten days ago will be getting a tracking # soon! Another wave is... Read more

Sabertooth pre-order update

 Good news! Shipping for the pre-ordered DIY sabertooth masks has started. They will be shipped out over the next 2-3 weeks. Please be patient as im going through the list shipping them out according to who placed their ordered first. Your fulfillment notification will come... Read more

Packing, catching up! Masks are done!

 Good news! ALL THE OWL MASKS ARE FINISHED ( besides a super recent painted mask order) Hooray! The last wave of masks will ship out monday Feb 27th. Thank you so very much for being really really patient with this pre-order! It was very successful,... Read more

Owl mask preorders!

 Production is going well on the pre-ordered owl masks. I'm running slightly behind schedule due to taking some time off earlier this month and the number of masks sold is pretty high. I don't want to rush anything since i want these to look right... Read more