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Hello! There is a freak heat wave going in my part of the country! My garage work space is so hot that i cannot cast many things using the urethane that i have on hand. The extreme heat causes the urethane to become solid aka... Read more


Good news! I am just about caught up with the backlog! All pending orders ( that are not items that ask for extra production time in the listing) should be in the mail by the end of the week. It's been a long process getting... Read more

Out of office

 I will be out of office (studio?)  starting friday July 28th to monday the 1st of August for personal obligations ( will not be at any cons)  I will do my best to get orders out before i leave but  i wanted to make this... Read more

Restocks! Slight delays.

 Restocked Pocket Krakens and Leviathans! Also just finished a new handmade doll.  I'm a little backed up on answering emails and getting orders packed. Im prepping for another convention and that means working triple-time. I have to make sure i make enough stuff for the table... Read more

Small delay! Bunnies!

 Hey rabbit mask buyers!  Im having a small delay on production for bunny orders that have yet to be fulfilled. The mold decided to act up and needed fixing which is a long, annoying process. It's just about back on track so i should be... Read more

Small shipping delay

 I'm going to be a little late on mailing out last week's orders! I ran out of shirt/soft merch envelopes and bubble wrap so I'm awaiting the arrival of new shipping supplies. Apologies for the delay! Things have been so busy with DragonCon prep the... Read more

Shipping delay!

 Folks waiting on orders: Printer went kaput.. of course right after i got a few dozen orders all ready to go.  Sorry for the delay but stuff is coming! Should be completely caught up after this round of shipments! Read more