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1/6 toy to be unvelied at the Thailand Toy Expo!

It has been very hard to stay quiet about this for the last few months but I am so thrilled to get to finally announce this! Glitch Network who makes the beautiful series God Complex is producing my Seraphim helmet as a 1/6 figure! They... Read more

Masks n pendants!

-I will be adding some more of the Rust Chompy masks this week. They have proven to be pretty popular so im working to get a big batch out before Halloween. I will also be shipping Rust Chompy masks ASAP instead of the usual 1-2... Read more

More mask news!

Chompy blank DIY pre-orders have ALL been sent out! There are still some left in the production number so if you order one now it will get to you within the usual shipping time frame. Hooray! Painted Chompy pre-orders will start to ship this week. ... Read more


I'm making the information that will be listed with the Seraphim helmet available here to let people have enough time to read through things. Please take a few minutes to go through everything to make your pre-order experience ( and mine) much more pleasant! Thank... Read more

Custom fit your Sepraphim helmet

The new Seraphim helmet sculpt is a piece i built to fit my own head and face shape. However i designed the back so that the whole area could be dremeled/cut off and attached with elastic or shaved down in stages without the need for... Read more


Pre-orders for the Seraphim biomech helmet will open SEPTEMBER 23rd at 6PM central time. The helmets themselves will be priced at $130+ shipping with optional ears at $30 a pair. A lot of work and expense went into the sculpting and production of this piece.... Read more