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 New black barrettes are in stock!  Read more

Whew + restocks!

 Hey actually giving myself some time to rest and NOT do my usual "work through the sick" routine worked! Feeling a lot better and ready to get back to work. Happy! Getting back to the regular shipping schedule, thanks for your patience.  Just restocked a... Read more

Shipping + out of office!

 All orders have been shipped save for a handful of DIY masks. I apologize that they could not be mailed before Christmas, they will be dispatched the week after. Order volume was very very high + a car accident threw a wrench into my plan... Read more

Foo bandanas are back!

 Foo bandanas are back! Scarves and werewolf bandanas are coming back monday!  Read more

Upcoming restocks!

 I'm working on a bunch of stuff for Christmas sales. The following will be restocked soon: - Werewolf/Foo bandannas - Tentacle scarves - All barrettes in various colors - Demon and Octo belt buckles - Two pocket Krakens I will be making more dolls as... Read more

Barrettes will restock friday!

 Barrettes are coming back this friday afternoon! I'm finishing up the paints on a batch today, then gluing backs and pics tomorrow. Artwork/product pics are going through a small re-do and update to make things more consistent with backgrounds and a more standard pic size... Read more

Restocks! Bandana news

 I have restocked white antler barrettes! New barrette colors will be in stock thursday :) Bandanas are on the way to me from the printer! Pre-ordered bandanas will be mailed as soon as they arrive and can be washed, dried and folded for the mail.... Read more

Restocks! Slight delays.

 Restocked Pocket Krakens and Leviathans! Also just finished a new handmade doll.  I'm a little backed up on answering emails and getting orders packed. Im prepping for another convention and that means working triple-time. I have to make sure i make enough stuff for the table... Read more


 Kudu horn and Tentacle barrettes have been restocked! Coming soon: Pocket Kraken restock, demon/tentacle buckle restock. Read more

Restocks galore! New bandana!

 Just restocked Antler, Leviathan, Ram, Dragon and Tentacle barrettes! Remember: To see whats just been added to use the NEW + RESTOCKED page.  I have also opened for Baku bandana pre-orders!  There is a new doll for sale!  Hoping to start mailing out Sabertooth Mask... Read more