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I'm making the information that will be listed with the Seraphim helmet available here to let people have enough time to read through things. Please take a few minutes to go through everything to make your pre-order experience ( and mine) much more pleasant! Thank... Read more

DIY and painted edition info for Chompy

I'm posting information here for people to review before the pre-order opens and as a reference for customers once the pre-order sells out: DIY INFO: " PLEASE read everything here carefully! Here is some info on what to expect from a pre-order: http://missmonster.myshopify.com/blogs/news/15162601-preorder-and-mask-info   As... Read more

Preorder and mask info!

With the new mask design coming up I wanted to make sure buyers have a chance to know exactly what to expect. Participating in a pre-order is really not a daunting thing but in the interest of better serving my supporters and avoiding any misunderstandings... Read more

Friendly reminder...

 I hate that this needs to be said but apparently it needs to be brought up! If there are issues with your order, please let me know through the store email ( orange contact tab or reply to store order/shipping notification messages) not through a... Read more