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Preorder and mask info!

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With the new mask design coming up I wanted to make sure buyers have a chance to know exactly what to expect. Participating in a pre-order is really not a daunting thing but in the interest of better serving my supporters and avoiding any misunderstandings I like to to make information as accessible, honest and clear as I can. 

How it works:

1: Once the preorder is opened, you can pre-order a Do It Yourself (DIY) blank mask. They are cast in white urethane and raw cast- this means you will have to do some sanding to the edges. I will trim the flashing (leftover stuff from the mold) but the buyer will need to smooth and prep the mask for wear/painting. These masks will be listed at the top of the store's front page.

2: Please read ALL of the masks page information before committing to your purchase. That information will be posted in the store news page for customers to reference after the preorder has closed.

2: Wait 3-8 weeks. Yes it is a wide window of time but it's just how it is. Feel free to check on production progress by keeping up with the store news page. There are a lot of masks to create due to the high volume of orders placed while the pre-order is active. To help production go faster, please do not ask when your mask is shipping unless the 8 week wait has expired. Pre-orders are fulfilled first come, first serve. You will know when it's shipping when...

3: You get a fulfillment email!  Once your mask is in the packing process you will get a notice from the store.  A few days later another email with a tracking number will be sent once it has been shipped. All emails will go to the email address used when ordering.

4: Once the mask arrives , open the box. Take mask out, clean it up, dremel/nipper/rasp/sand it to your preference.  Prime and paint mask. Or don't! Up to you! You may have to heat the mask slightly and shape it to fit your own face. More info on that is here under "shaping".

5: That's it! 


Expectations I have by selling DIY masks:

-By taking an order for a DIY blank mask I trust that the buyer understands that the item they are purchasing will need specialized knowledge and skill to finish. The DIY masks are sold straight from the mold- nothing is cleaned up and your mask will not be ready to paint immediately. I do this because i can no longer risk my health dremeling dozens and dozens of masks at once. The high numbers mean more exposure time to urethane dust and it's just not safe even with a mask. My skin reacts to both the resin dust and the mask required during sanding and it's not fun!

-I trust that the buyer is aware that there will be a waiting period while the edition is created, wrapped, packed and shipped.

-Buyer acknowledges that information on completing the piece is not a service provided beyond information contained in the mask listing.

-I also trust that the buyer has taken the time to read and understand all policy pages and information provided in mask listings. It is the buyers responsibility to be aware of shop policy, wait times and what to expect from the mask itself. This helps transactions be more pleasant and satisfying for myself and my customer. 


Expectations I have selling painted/finished masks:

- I trust that the buyer is willing to treat their finished mask with care and understand they are buying a piece of handmade artwork.

- That while the mask is shipped with foam/elastic straps installed, a perfect fit is not guaranteed. The buyer may have to adjust where the strap is attached to the mask, may prefer a wider elastic band, may have to add to or lessen the foam installed on the inside of the mask. I do my best to make the finished masks as nice as i can but even then, because of the variety of the human form, some masks may need to be adjusted to feel comfortable for the individual.


Overall with my DIY masks my goal is to make work that can be adapted and customized by people who are into that sort of stuff. Or a good project for people looking to build their customization skills! I want to create a unique and fun sculptural base that can inspire costumes and characters or used as wall decor or as a sculptural work. It makes me happy to see people take an idea of mine and make it theirs, sort of a collaboration on a finished piece of work.

I ask that if you use my mask blank to make a finished piece, please credit me as the sculptor of the base- especially if you are a professional using it as part of a portfolio for your company.

I have been producing DIY masks for the last 6+ years and have built up a great group of happy, satisfied and enthusiastic buyers. I look forward to adding more people to the group and seeing familiar names in this next pre-order!

Thank you for reading!


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