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Design by Humans is running a 25% off spring sale on shirts! Now is a great time to buy one of my designs... http://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/missmonster Read more


 Great news! All of the shirts that I designed for Woot prints are available to purchase! http://shirt.woot.com/catalog?q=missmonster If you missed any of the shirts or the shirts you bought when they were first available are worn to mere rags, now you can grab one. Hooray!... Read more

Mask preview + Krampus shirts

 MASKS:  Here is a photo of a raw cast for the upcoming Kitsune mask: http://www.flickr.com/photos/missmonstermel/8168521768/in/photostream These are going into production for the month of November.  I will be offering the usual blank versions as well as metal finishes and full color hand painted versions. These masks... Read more

Butcher shirt print on demand

 I have had a few requests for the Bill the Butcher shirts! The limited run i did of the silkscreened shirts have sold out. I added the artwork to my redbubble page. Redbubble is a print on demand shirt site...the shirts are a little more... Read more

Cthulhu, Foo Dog shirts in stock! Meatbun merch!

 My Cthulhu mens shirts are back in stock! Available in grey or black. The new prints are EXTRA crisp and white but still have the soft texture as the original shirts. I have also received some extras of the Tilteed shirts with the Running Foo... Read more

Shirts coming monday, bandanas are back!

 Men's Cthulhu shirts will be back monday the 15th! They will be available in grey or black. The new prints will still be very soft and durable but will be MUCH brighter and more crisp/even.  I will have them at Dragon Con as well!  How... Read more

Ladies Tentacle Shirts are back, New Barrettes!

- Ladies Tentacle shirts are back in stock for now! Super soft prints on really cute tees. -Men's Cthulhu shirts and Tentacle Bandanas will be back in stock in about two weeks! - Barrettes are in stock as well. Limited color stock, please snag what you want soon.... Read more