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Cthulhu, Foo Dog shirts in stock! Meatbun merch!

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 My Cthulhu mens shirts are back in stock! Available in grey or black. The new prints are EXTRA crisp and white but still have the soft texture as the original shirts.

I have also received some extras of the Tilteed shirts with the Running Foo artwork. Really excellent silkscreening job from Tilteed, pick one up in mens or ladies sizes. Very limited stock!

Some freelance work i did awhile back is now ready to show off ! I did the yokai illustration for a shirt from Meatbun that you can now purchase here . I'm thrilled with what they did with the design... i can't take the credit for the layout or lettering only the monster. The sports team approach is really cute! Daigo is a renowned Street Fighter champion who's nickname is The Beast. I was very happy to get to be a part of this shirt since i love Street Fighter (even though my Blanka moves aren't as honed as they used to be...)

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