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Shirts coming monday, bandanas are back!

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 Men's Cthulhu shirts will be back monday the 15th! They will be available in grey or black. The new prints will still be very soft and durable but will be MUCH brighter and more crisp/even.  I will have them at Dragon Con as well! 

How to find me at DragonCon:  My table will be in the dealer's room that is DOWNSTAIRS in the International Hall room with the giant glass doors/windows. Not the Artists Alley ( wrong hotel) and not in the two Exhibitor rooms that are across from each other. This dealer's room is pretty much at the back of the hotel ( or the front, depending on your perspective), go all the way down the escalators. See a room with an all glass front and a ton of tables in it?  Bam! I'm in there... look for my banner. I'm bringing art, dolls, shirts, barrettes and all kinds of stuff.




I will be under the "Ruth Thompson's Tarnished Images" block of tables in the dealers room listing.

 I have also listed the tentacle bandanas as back in stock since they will be here monday as well. Get yours in time for Burning Man! 

Ok, off to make more stuff for the convention!

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