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Plush shipping + Skull beast mask update

Mose the Monster plush have been shipping out! Pre-orders up to July have shipped with the rest going out soon. As mentioned in the pre-order information your order will be shipped to the address provided when the order was placed.   The Skull Beast pre-order... Read more


 Just got more info from the production company: "We expect to be breaking down our fully packed 40ft. container this Friday and getting the individual orders on their trucks and shipped out mid-next week. Our warehouse is in Dallas so it won’t be long from... Read more

Think Geek + Mose production pics

 EXCITING news! Think Geek is now carrying my very popular tentacle bandanas! Check it out!  Very excited about that. I also just got some pics of the Mose The Monster production from the factory. They are looking great. They will get fnished up soon and will... Read more

Mose news + doll plans

 Here is the latest news from the production company who is making the Mose plush: "We are getting very close! End of May is expected completion. We will be updating on upcoming shipping arrangements to keep you in the loop." I'm also planning to release... Read more

General updates

 Mask production for the kitsune pre-order is underway. Gathering all the materials and prepping the work space for production! Remember, any delays or issues will be updated here. They will ship in batches as they are made, not all at once. So if a friend of yours... Read more


 I just heard from the manufacturer that is producing my Mose the Monster plush. Good news! They will possibly be shipping much earlier than i thought, sometime in May. This could end up being pushed back so im not setting a solid date... but it's... Read more

Mose pre-order + original art!

 Mose the Monster came home! I just got the prototype in for the new plush and he's adorable. New photos are up in his pre-order page if you'd like to see and order one of your own.  - Original paintings have been listed in the... Read more