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Hate Wraith - DIY

Goods news! ALL of the pre-orders for the Hate Wraith have been fulfilled. All of them will be in the mail tomorrow. That was a big run and it went very smoothly- many thanks to people for being super chill and waiting for their mask.... Read more

Last Wraith push + new mask news

Will be probably be sending out all the recent Hate Wraith mask orders this week- anything ordered before October has been packed and/or shipped! I have a new mask releasing soon- this is going to be a surprise, something i haven't done before: I will... Read more

I screwed up! August 28th mask orders

So thanks to a customer checking in, it appears that i forgot to fulfill four Hate Wraith mask orders placed on the 28th. I don't know how that happened but it did so im sending out those orders ASAP. This is one of those times... Read more


We are over halfway through shipping out the pre-orders for the Hate Wraith blanks! All orders placed on the first day of the pre-order have been sent ( August 28th) and the rest are being made and shipped as fast as possible. Larry and i... Read more

Hate Wraith news

Sent out a big batch of Hate Wraith blanks! More are on the way. I will squeeze out a few more before we head out to Wasteland Weekend. I will also try to get out any orders placed today ( Monday) before we leave but... Read more


New mask is coming up! Pre-orders for the HATE WRAITH will open August 28th at 2pm central. $85 plus shipping. Limited number of blanks will be available. More pics will be posted once the pre-order is live! I will do my best to have these... Read more