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Just reporting that I am over halfway through the orders placed in November for the Anubot blanks! Going as fast as i can but Major Freelance Secret project is picking back up this week. Will still try my best to get these out quickly. Read more


Anubot mask blank kits will start to ship out very soon! It will take awhile to get through all of the orders so please hang tight- they will be shipped in the order they were received. They are shipped in batches every week , as... Read more


I'm about caught up on shipping non-preordered items! I really appreciate how patient people were with that delay- thank you! Read more


DIY update: Pre-orders for the blank casts will start to ship out in a few days! We will be fulfilling them first come, first served so it will still take awhile for everyone to receive their order. The production run is still being poured but... Read more

Shipping update- toy blanks

I will start to ship out the pre-orders for Craw/Cragnog blanks early next week! Thanks for everyone's patience! Read more


All my supplies are officially packed and stuffed into a Pod. The shipping container will not be delivered to me until mid February- this means i won't be able to fulfill orders or make anything until late February. Currently there are pre-orders for Craws and... Read more

I screwed up! August 28th mask orders

So thanks to a customer checking in, it appears that i forgot to fulfill four Hate Wraith mask orders placed on the 28th. I don't know how that happened but it did so im sending out those orders ASAP. This is one of those times... Read more


We are over halfway through shipping out the pre-orders for the Hate Wraith blanks! All orders placed on the first day of the pre-order have been sent ( August 28th) and the rest are being made and shipped as fast as possible. Larry and i... Read more

Hate Wraith news

Sent out a big batch of Hate Wraith blanks! More are on the way. I will squeeze out a few more before we head out to Wasteland Weekend. I will also try to get out any orders placed today ( Monday) before we leave but... Read more

Another exciting shipping update

Waiting on shipping supplies! Should be packing up a bunch of stuff tomorrow ( Tuesday) !   Read more

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