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Mose news + doll plans

 Here is the latest news from the production company who is making the Mose plush: "We are getting very close! End of May is expected completion. We will be updating on upcoming shipping arrangements to keep you in the loop." I'm also planning to release... Read more

General updates

 Mask production for the kitsune pre-order is underway. Gathering all the materials and prepping the work space for production! Remember, any delays or issues will be updated here. They will ship in batches as they are made, not all at once. So if a friend of yours... Read more


 After putting some real thought into the direction i want to go with my work, i have decided to phase out my current handmade barrette designs. It is an extremely difficult decision since they are well loved items that i have been selling for years.... Read more

Masks, etc!

The rest of the Dragoncat masks are shipping this week! If you pre-ordered one expect a notification soon. The Komainu masks will be released soon, production has gone well so far: - The first wave will be the DIY blank versions which will go in... Read more

Barrettes will restock friday!

 Barrettes are coming back this friday afternoon! I'm finishing up the paints on a batch today, then gluing backs and pics tomorrow. Artwork/product pics are going through a small re-do and update to make things more consistent with backgrounds and a more standard pic size... Read more

Restocks, new stuff coming

 The following will be coming back in stock in the next few days: -Antler barrettes ( new sculpt ) -Ram horn barrettes in Gold -Kudu barrettes - Demon head belt buckles Pocket Krakens will come back at some point but might not be around until... Read more

New barrettes!

 I just released my new barrette style! They are pretty cute, my favorite so far since i do love Kudu horns. The first batch is selling strong so grab them now if you need them for a Halloween costume.  The cast urethane steampunk goggles are... Read more

New stuff coming!

 New barrettes are coming out soon! I'll probably have them in the shop tomorrow or friday. The new design is based on a Kudu horn style. The Pronghorn and Half Curl Ram barrettes will be discontinued soon and are on sale now. The regular style... Read more

 Just loaded up the ever popular antler barrettes in the shop! New colors so check them out... also be sure to take a gander at the new ram horn barrette colors selections as well. The new colors may not be repeated so get 'em while... Read more