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Masks, etc!

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The rest of the Dragoncat masks are shipping this week! If you pre-ordered one expect a notification soon.

The Komainu masks will be released soon, production has gone well so far:

- The first wave will be the DIY blank versions which will go in the shop September 24th. 

- The second wave will be the metal and deluxe paint versions which will be released October 1st.

Previews of the DIY masks be posted this week.

REMEMBER: This mask will not be a pre-order. These will be ready to ship, pre made items. This way people can have these in hand for Halloween plans.  I'm releasing the different versions at different times to stagger the orders so i dont get bogged down on packing and shipping.

I may release other editions after this first run but i wanted to have a good number made for Halloween season first.

Also my barrettes are pretty much sold out at the moment but more will be in the shop this friday the 21st. 

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