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Where is everything?

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 I have taken a lot of inventory down to go with me to DragonCon !

Stuff that doesn't sell at the convention will be back in stock in early to mid September. 

Here is how to find me at Dragon Con 2011:

 My table will be in the dealer’s room that is DOWNSTAIRS in the International Hall room with the giant glass doors/windows. Not the Artists Alley ( wrong hotel) and not in the two Exhibitor rooms that are across from each other. This dealer’s room is pretty much at the back of the hotel ( or the front, depending on your perspective), go all the way down the escalators. See a room with an all glass front and a ton of tables in it? Bam! I’m in there… look for my banner

I’m bringing art, dolls, shirts, masks, barrettes and all kinds of stuff. 

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