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Masks, out of office.

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 I'm working on shipping Dragoncat half masks out early this week. Deluxe paint and recently ordered silver masks might not ship until i get back from Dragoncon... sorry, it's been extremely busy here because of con prep and wrapping up a costume build. As with all of my masks i do not want to rush any of them for the sake of getting them out quickly! Id rather make customers wait a week or two than send out a half-assed mask!

Emails and orders will not be attended to from Aug 30th to Sept 3rd. 

Once the Dragoncats are all mailed out i will start on a new design. My plan is to produce a bunch of them ahead of time during the month of September instead of doing a pre-order. This way they can be on hand to be mailed in time for Halloween arrival! This new mask is going to be a shark-like character, WIP photos will start posting after Dragoncon.

If you are going to Dragoncon this is where i will be! I will have masks, dolls , barrettes ( very limited numbers) and bandanas. 

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