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Dragoncat mask shipping! Convention soon...

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 Good news! The metallic green-brown full variants of the Dragoncat masks will be shipping this week. Hoping to get some of the deluxe painted ones out this week as well.

I will be attending DragonCon labor day weekend at the end of August. Orders placed after this week may have a slight shipping delay since i wont be around to pack boxes. You can always come by my table at the con though! I'm working at a crazy pace to get barrettes, dolls and a few masks ready for the table... not to mention the costume i will be wearing after hours! 

A heads up on conventions: I'll be scaling back on con going in 2013,  only attending Monsterpalooza in April. Conventions throw too much of a wrench into running the shop with all the prepping they require...it's just become too tiring and i want to catch up on a lot of things that get put off because of conventions ( like that whole social life thing people keep talking about ) . It's been fun going to cons since 2004 or so... but time to focus on other stuff for a bit :)

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