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This is a PRE-ORDER. There will be a 3-6 week production time, please be prepared to wait. Production progress will be updated in the store news. I cannot provide estimates on when a particular order will ship. If you are not comfortable with a wait and possible delays, please do not order.


Please be sure to provide the correct address when placing your order, all order will be shipped to the address im provided with. No exceptions, sorry!


These horns are intended to be purchased with the Krampus mask pre-order. Please do not but these if you are not going to buy a mask. Your order will be cancelled if you buy the horns and no mask.


These horns are just under 9" tall.


You will get a matching pair ( 2 horns) of solid cast urethane horns. These are made from actual goat horns with slight modification to get them to work with the mask. These horns will have flash trimmed but will require seam sanding. Please do not buy these if you are not comfortable with that.


These can be attached using epoxy glue and seams patched with epoxy clay, milliput, plumbers epoxy, freeform air putty or a number of self hardening, sandable materials.




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