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These masks are MISCASTS. They are flawed and will need work to fix. PLEASE do not buy a miscast if you expect a perfect mask. These are fixer-uppers, they are cheaper for a reason. No refunds.


These are finished masks that had to be rejected because of unfixable warping during a heat wave during production. They are still viable masks , just arent perfect for a variety of reasons. The issues can be corrected with sanding/patching with epoxy.


They are cast in urethane and will be marked as MISCAST on the back. Please choose the mask you want using the corresponding letters in the second photo.



Mask A has a shattered ear tip.

 Since the plastic used for this mask is heat sensitive meaning it is prone to mild warping.  Do not leave it out in very hot weather! If it warps, it can be restored to its original shape by applying low heat as mentioned above.  Store face up on a supportive structure underneath ( rolled up shirt or fabric works well ) or even better ....hang from your wall! 

These masks are pieces of art made for light costuming and display. They should never be used in place of safety equipment or as protection. Do notuse this as a welding/metal working mask. Do not use this as a hockey/airsoft/paintball mask.  Use common sense, please. I would not recommend this as a piece to use for any LARP that may result in any blows to the face. I will not be responsible for any injuries sustained through misuse of this product.

By buying this item you acknowledge you have read all the information above and have reviewed the policies!

 I always post on the SHOP UPDATE page if there are ever any delays, store issues or news about what's coming up.

 This mask can accommodate a variety of facial sizes and shapes but a perfect fit is not guaranteed. You may have to expand the mask for a better fit. You can do so using heat. 

-Warm the plastic with a hair dryer or on VERY low temp in your home oven ( place on cookie sheet and on a supportive bowl or cookware so the mask does not warp under it's own weight) 

- Only heat for around 5 minutes. 

-Gently pull the mask sides apart while warm until you get the fit you want. Let the mask cool to set the shape.

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