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CUSTOM, VAL ONLY! Helmet with ears. YAY! :D





PLEASE read everything here carefully! Here is some info on what to expect from a pre-order: http://missmonster.myshopify.com/blogs/news/15162601-preorder-and-mask-info

As with all of my mask pre-orders there will be a 3-8 week production time.

This means the time it takes for me to produce a batch of masks, not when the mask will arrive at your house. I will update about production in the store news. Any information about shipping status, production delays or anything else customers need to know will be updated there: http://missmonster.myshopify.com/blogs/news

This is a limited run. Only a certain number of blank masks will be made. Once the edition is sold out, it is gone forever.

I will do my best to have these out quickly so that people can have them in time for Christmas. However, it is not a guarantee! There is always a chance production takes longer due to emergency/illness/adult life priorities. Please keep this in mind!


The basics:

- This is for one (1) cast white urethane unpainted, unfinished mask. The finished pictures are just an example of what can be done.

- These are produced one at a time in my own studio. The eye holes will come opened, but the buyer will need to sand/remove the flash edges themselves. 

- A plastic nipper, a rasp , sandpaper or a dremel can be used to refine edges. Buyer should add foam to the inside of the mask to customize the fit. Some craft/paint/kit building knowledge is recommended. I cannot provide build help beyond the info included here and in links provided.

- Please be sure to provide the correct address when placing your order, all orders will be shipped to the address im provided with and cannot be changed after the order is placed. No exceptions, sorry!

- There are no refunds on pre-orders.

- Please do not buy a mask if any of the above is an issue!
- If you want any more info on buying from my shop please go through the FAQ/policy page in my shop: http://missmonster.myshopify.com/pages/f-a-q


Mask info:

- You will receive a BLANK urethane mask. The finished photos are just an example of what the mask can look like when completed. You can purchase the separate ears HERE.

- This mask can be primed with any spray primer and painted with acrylics. Ears can be installed by drilling into the ear base, gluing a peg and fitting that into the holes near the back of the mask itself. Add epoxy around the attached ears for sturdiness. Seal with clear coat to prevent scuffs after painting.

- This mask has a curve on the back that may need to be altered to fit a head with a larger than 21.5" circumference. Please click here to access a post on how to deal with this.

- This urethane is sensitive to heat. Please keep it out of direct sunlight as it can warp under it's own weight when hot. It can be heat shaped by immersing it in very hot water and shaping gently while soft. You can also use a heat gun or heat in the oven at around 175 degrees for a few minutes- or immerse it in hot water. Set the shape you want by immersing the warm mask in cold water.

- This is a project that should be attempted by adults or under adult supervision. Please read all safety warnings on materials you use. I am not responsible for any injuries sustained while customizing these masks.

-This mask fits most faces but a perfect fit is not guaranteed. Cannot be worn with glasses.

- Do not use this as safety equipment or a welding mask or anything else but costuming. Use common sense, please. I am not responsible for injuries sustained through improper use of this mask.


By purchasing this you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the shop's policy page and have read and agree to comply with all of the information on this page.


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