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"The Ornate Mandible is an augmentation worn by the Sect of the Undark , a small but fearsome group found in the Wastelands. Their belief is that radium is a holy element and use it to adorn themselves. This part of their religious doctrine seems to have originated from a short period of time before the Final War when radium was used in commercial products to make glowing elements on products; years of misinterpretation and confusion forming their current holy writ. The Ornate Mandible is used to replace or hide the loss of teeth and the entire jaw itself (the result of radium exposure),  the cult members using technology traded with Wasteland techno-priests to install these elegantly carved and polished prosthetics."

These wearable jaws are cast in slightly flexible white urethane. These are raw cast and will require clean up.

This blank design will be available indefinitely. I will not be bringing back finished, painted versions of this mask. Sorry! Here is a list of artists to contact if you would like someone else to finish your mask for you:

Kelli Hovanes:


Kierstin LaPatka:


The basics:

- This is for one (1) cast white urethane unpainted, unfinished mask. The finished pictures are just an example of what can be done.

- Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery as these are a made to order item.

- These are produced one at a time in my own studio. The buyer will need to sand/remove the flash edges, fill any small surface air bubbles and open the nostrils themselves. 

- A plastic nipper, a rasp , sandpaper or a dremel can be used to refine edges. Here is a little more detailed info. I have more information about the masks here too! Some craft/paint/kit building knowledge is recommended. I cannot provide build help beyond the info included here and in links provided.

- Please be sure to provide the correct address when placing your order, all orders will be shipped to the address im provided with and cannot be changed after the order is placed. No exceptions, sorry!

- There are no refunds on pre-orders.

- Please do not buy a mask if any of the above is an issue!

- If you want any more info on buying from my shop please go through the FAQ/policy page in my shop: http://missmonster.myshopify.com/pages/f-a-q


Mask info:

- You will receive a BLANK white urethane mask. The finished photos are just an example of what the mask can look like when completed.

- This mask can be primed with any spray primer ( auto or otherwise) and painted with acrylics or whatever you prefer. Seal with clear coat to prevent scuffs after painting.

- This urethane is sensitive to heat. Please keep it out of direct sunlight as it can warp under it's own weight when hot. If the mask does not fit, It can be heat shaped by immersing it in very hot water and shaping gently while soft. You can also use a heat gun or heat in the oven at around 175 degrees for a few minutes- or immerse it in hot water. Set the shape you want by immersing the warm mask in cold water or leaving on an upturned bowl or object to hold the shape while it cools.

- This is a project that should be attempted by adults or under adult supervision. Please read all safety warnings on materials you use. I am not responsible for any injuries sustained while customizing these masks.

-This mask fits most faces but a perfect fit is not guaranteed. Cannot be worn with glasses.

- Do not use this as safety equipment or a welding mask or anything else but costuming. Use common sense, please. I am not responsible for injuries sustained through improper use of this mask.


By purchasing this you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the shop's policy page and have read and agree to comply with all of the information on this page.


Fitting your jaw:

1) Hold the mask up to your face and mark where the top and bottom of your ear's "cup" sits. The top of the jaw should be in front of your ear, near your temple.

2) Use hot glue ( or your preferred glue) to attach two round elastic strings.

3) Tie the two attached strings behind your ear. Make it tight enough so that the jaw's chin will be firmly pressed to your own chin so that it will move with your own chin when you move your jaw. You should be able to remove the jaw by looping the tied string from around the back of your ear or simply untie the elastic

You can also attach the jaw using armature wire to make a hook that bends over your ear. Attach it using hot glue and cover some bits with thin leather or fabric so your jaw doesn't just slip out:

It ain't pretty but it works! The hook goes over my ear and can be bent to comfort:

Because of the delicate nature of this sculpt, the jaw should be stored in a way so that it does not sag under it's own weight. If it does warp, the jaw is very easily put back into place with gentle pressure or by heating it gently with a hair dryer and leaving in the desired shape to cool.