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So why does shipping take awhile?

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My customers are super patient. It's amazing and I appreciate it. A small smattering of folks get a tiny bit antsy with ship times, which is understandable if you haven't read the F.A.Q. 

I had written up a pretty long winded post about why shipping/restocking sold out stuff/ responding to emails takes awhile but looking back on it..... think less is more sometimes. It boils down to:

- Demand is high ( which is awesome )

- One person running everything = slow turnaround on shipping. Remember, I'm not just shoving pre-made items into an envelope.  This article is more about why handmade costs what it does but it also allows people to understand what goes into making artisan goods and the time is takes to be a productive self supporting, high output maker.

- There is only so much one person can get done in one day. 

- I like to take weekends off just like anyone else.

That's basically it! :)

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