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 It looks like the flu bug i have had for the last two weeks has finally run it's course! I no longer feel like weak useless wet crap so that means it's time to get things moving again.

- Painted owl masks will start to ship out THIS WEEK. The remainder of the DIY owls will also be going in the mail. Thank you for the patience on these!

- I will be restocking ALL barrettes this week.

- More foo bandanas are on the way to me. I will hopefully be shipping the preorders out at the end of the month, maybe a little sooner.

-  Yes, DIY bird masks are sold out. However i will be offering some painted, finished one of a kind versions very soon.

- I have started putting dolls on ebay instead of selling them in this shop. This give more people a chance to snag one! My ebay link is here. I always announce the post times on my facebook , my twitter and my tumblr

- If you missed the shirt i did for Teefury on the 8th, i have ordered extras to sell in my shop. I do not know when they will get here.

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