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The mask blank pre-order method is changing! Instead of taking orders for a new blank mask all at once and spending months fulfilling them , I will be taking a handful of orders at first, fulfilling those and releasing batches of ready to ship blanks afterwards. This way people do not place an order and wait for 6-8 weeks! It will allow people to have masks in hand faster from the time they ordered so they can plan for events easier and i do not have to feel rushed, stressed or locked into a production for a long period of time. After years of doing it the old way and finding it to be overwhelming at times, i think this new way is better.

So basically:

- New mask design is introduced and opens for pre-orders. I will take enough pre-orders to fund making the molds and materials but not so many that the wait time is long. Right now im estimating 3-4 weeks to fulfill the first pre-order batch but it could be sooner.

- Once ALL of the masks from the first pre-order batch have been mailed, i will just keep pouring blanks and will release them in batches once a week or so. I will post a heads up on my social media before they are added to the shop. Since they would be ready to ship , they would go out within the usual 2 week ship window.

- I can't predict how many blank batches i would make! Some designs are harder on molds than others so i dont always know how many i can get out before break down. I usually just make a new mold if it breaks down during a big production run but this method means i do not gather as much money up front- so i may open for "pre-orders" again to make sure there is still enough interest in a design before i spend money/time on another mold.

- I will still have a limited amount of blanks and will retire the design just like my other mask runs.

I hope this answers questions and seems like a better solution for customers and myself!

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