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 So it's been super ridiculously hot here and i have no central air. This means getting stuff done is really... really...difficult. Unless im sitting right by the half-assed window unit, im sweating buckets and moving around feels like im wading through warm syrup. Ugh.

Im doing the best i can to get orders out, keep on top of it all and not pass out from the heat. But please please cut me a little slack since i can't afford to run a window unit in every corner of my house and a lot of the work that needs to be done is in a room with no cooling.  People are actually dying from the heat out here so until the weather lets up a bit, i might be running a tad slow. All i want to do is curl up in my freezer until September haha...

Besides that im trying to get stuff ready for DragonCon and get older commissions finished. Busy busy! Printed tentacle scarves are releasing this week too! SWEET!

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