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 I have a new mask design coming out soon! This has sparked a change in how I'm going to offer my masks from now on.

New masks will be available in limited numbers. I will only make a certain amount of colors or blanks of one style and it will not be available once they have sold out. I'm switching to this method in the interest of keeping things fresh not only for my customers but for myself. This will also make the masks a little more special to me and to collectors.

One of the things i strive for is variety and a challenge... if im pouring the same mask that i sculpted from three years ago  well, honestly i know i can make a better one now and  im just not all that excited about it anymore. I want to send out art that im absolutely proud of and confident in...and as most artists know, it doesnt take long for you to start seeing nothing but flaws in older work :P

 It's a strange thing to do from a business perspective, if something is selling then keep making it. But if i always did that Id still be making the same stuff i was years ago and that just leads to stale art mojo and boredom... and that's not good for anyone. I want to offer the best i that my skills can make and this means that things have to change often. 

It will also push me to make new masks every few months instead of relying on old work to sell. I think this will lead to people being excited to see what new masks are coming and will make a lot of folks more happy. 

Old masks will have a last hurrah run of pours for the sake of Halloween sales and after that they will be discontinued. I will be doing the last batch of masks in September.

Also this is a bit of a strange request but my monday started out pretty bad and im sort of taking this week a little easy.  Orders and commissions will still of course be going out but just have a little more patience with me than usual :)

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