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Masks, masks, masks!

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 Rabbit masks are up for pre-order! They are proving to be pretty popular so please get yours soon if you need it in time for Halloween! I will be offering the masks for awhile, including premade and painted masks. But this preorder is to insure folks can have these for Halloween and have enough time to assemble the mask.

Older pre-ordered masks are still on the way out to customers! In fact im about to head downstairs to the basement studio to get a head start on packing for this week. This one last push should get everyone taken care of.. and on schedule!

It seems that a few folks have had glitches with paypal shipping/tracking notifications. A few shipping receipts did not contain correct emails so the receipts weren't sent correctly ( it's automated when i buy postage, paypal emails you) So heads up on that, if you got a fulfillment email and it's been over a week and no paypal shipping/tracking email please let me know.

 Things will be pretty busy for the rest of the year with Halloween and then later Christmas shopping season starting up. I won't be able to do any custom orders due to my schedule.... but please do check back for new art work and apparel restocks! Lots more to come :)

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