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International shipping, new stuff, policy changes!

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- International customers rejoice! I will now be adding your tracking number to your order status once an item ships. This will require me to manually enter all numbers to orders individually ( so please be patient)  but i think it will lighten some of the email duties for me. Hopefully it will balance out with the added bonus of happier customers. 

After you get an order fulfillment email , allow a few days for me to mail the item. International packages require forms to be filled out and  i have to wait in line to pay for postage. This takes a very long time because of the high volume of overseas orders so i can only get to it once a week. To access your tracking use the order status page: http://missmonster.myshopify.com/pages/order-status

-Policy change! I can no longer put tracking on orders that use pretend names ( this does not include business names). Paypal postage gets fussy with it and if im doing mail for 100 orders that day i really dont want to spend time hunting down your real name or risk the post office not delivering it. Please please use your given grown up name when you order if you want tracking.

- New ornate half masks are in the shop! I'm doing a limited amount so please get one as soon as you are able. I'm trying to get those orders out this week for Halloween delivery though i cannot guarantee that. More mask designs are on the way!

- Hoodies, scarves and more bandannas will be in stock late October! 

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