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-I will be restocking antler barrettes and new original hand painted kitsune barrettes the week of November 7th.

-Buckles, Pocket Krakens, and a few different barrette colors are back in the shop!

-Hoodies will be shipping out this coming week! Hooray!


-Krampus enamel pendants, Krampus postcards! Be sure to check out the Krampus shirt pre-order that is going on this week.

- Look for leather work to be made again! I just bought a ton of supplies at Tandy last week so ill be banging out some awesome cuffs, pouches and hair sticks pretty soon.

- I have a wicked plan cooking with Geeky Clean, keep an eye out for something super cool soon.

- Also keep an eye on Hey Chickadee, I have some cool hair accessories coming out over there. Super excited!

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