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New mask, orders going out!

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 -A new mask will be available for pre-order tomorrow 11-11-11 at 2pm central. DIY and pre painted masks will be for sale! It's a level up in craftsmanship for me and im very happy to make it available. There will be a 1-3 week production time for these masks. i want to make them top quality and not rush any part of the creation. There will be a three tier price range for them:

Pre painted, ready to wear: $120

DIY Deluxe ( blank, includes foam interior and black out eye kit)- $70

DIY Basic- Mask only, no eye kit, no foam- $55

I'm also going to be sending a CRAPLOAD of packages this week. Hoodies are going out, international packages, and and part of last weeks orders.... there are a lot to pack, sort and process postage. But stuff is coming! Tonight is pretty much going to be mail duty for the next 5 hours or so...

Re: Krampus shirts going away! I can't say much and my pre-order customers have already been filled in. But Krampus shirts WILL be happening in time for the holidays.... just sit tight until i can release more info at the end of this month. I promise you will be happy :)

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