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Happy 2012, new stuff coming!

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 I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday! 2012 is here and i hope to have even more goodies to show you over the next year. 2011 was a huge year for my business's growth and it's all thanks to fabulous customers. Thank you all! I'm spending this month reorganizing my stock/studio and (hopefully) streamlining things a bit. I'm also looking into a better solution for international shipping, im just not happy with USPS for non US orders. Many changes for the better are on the horizon!

-Conventions planned for 2012 so far are Monsterpalooza in April and Dragoncon in September. Possible Anthrocon in July but it's not 100% yet.

- Look for more dolls and masks this year! Masks will still be limited edition but im hoping to be making a new design every month or two.

- Id also like to do more shirt designs this year through venues like Teefury, etc.

- Not sure when i will be able to open for commissions again but id like to do a few this year. Still working on clearing out my list of owed artwork. Now that im not as crazy busy, hopefully it will get finished soon.

So i have a new bandana design open for preorder ! They will ship after the 16th of January. That design will also be printed as a full color design at teefury soon! Check back here for more details and a print date.

Tentacle bandanas/scarves and barrettes will be restocked this month! Barrettes as soon as next week.

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