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 Hey shipping has been a little slow. Still wiped out from being slammed for all of Fall and the holiday season! I'm getting back on track and into the swing of things but it's taking a little longer than i thought to not feel totally run down and exhausted.

 January will be sort of a vacation month for me while i reorganize and refine my studio/stock and get my mojo back. I need to make a few changes to the way things are run and plan out a few releases etc. Plus... I'm just tired. Orders will still be going out once a week so don't fret or be discouraged from ordering... it's just that restocks might not happen as fast as we'd all like ;P

Speaking of restocks, antler, kudu and ram barrettes have been restocked. Leviathan and kitsune styles will be added this week! I'm working on getting the owl mask preorders made so be sure to check those out and grab one before they sell out!

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