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Got the bug!

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 Hello lovely customers!

I just got hit with a little flu after battling mild symptoms for a few days.... thought i had it beat but apparently it was just toying with me. Today it turned into the hot dizzies/snot faucet so im not in great shape!  I will do my best to attend to everything and get orders out but go easy on me for the next week or so. Remember im a one person operation so when im down and out, things slow down to a crawl. 

Regarding dolls:

 Due to the demand ( which is awesome) I will probably start announcing an upcoming doll's exact store post time. Like  "For sale Jan 30th at 3pm central". This way people who have missed out so far will have more of a chance than guessing when they will be available. I may also start to list a few dolls in ebay auctions. I'm extremely grateful the dolls are popular so id like to do what i can to make them more accessible despite their one of a kind nature.

Regarding commissions:

 I'm not sure if or when i will open up again. I'm still wrapping up work for people that have been waiting years. Yes, literal years. It's not due to laziness but part of it is my former inability to overbook because i hated saying no to work and then becoming so busy and pressed for time a lot of work was put on hold.  The store has also taken up more and more of my schedule every year so trying to pack everything in is a huge challenge. I'm going through my commission line until it's complete before i take on more commissioned work if that happens. If i do choose to do so, i will be pretty picky about what i take on. I want to work on pieces that reflect where i want to go with my work, challenge me and get me excited.

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