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A word on masks! 

Text the in store listing for masks explains they are made in limited numbers and will not always be available ( this is also covered in the policy page!)  but despite this i get a few emails every day asking for a mask that has long been sold out. 

Once a mask is sold out, it is sold out. It's gone. Done. No mas. Fin. I will not remake a mask that has been discontinued.

It's a way for me to not get burned out on making the same time consuming item over and over and benefits the buyers since their pieces are now pieces of art with more value. Win- win.

I tried the whole 'mass produce everything as much as you can' angle and i don't want to do that again. I'm not a factory, im an artist and a craftswoman. I want my work to reflect this and i want to deal with customers who are looking for something special. If you want something now and something cheap, hit up a Spirit Store in the Fall. 

Not everyone will be able to get the mask they want when they want but them's the breaks! I'll be making different designs for awhile so im sure at some point something will come up that you like if you missed out on something earlier.

Thanks for reading!

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