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 Just restocked  all the bandanas and tentacle scarves! There is a new section where you can see what's just been added called New + Restocked This way people can tell what's been freshly replenished! Newer restocks are towards the top of the page.

Got back from Monsterpalooza yesterday and it was an amazing convention as usual. It will be a yearly trip.  I think it is my favorite since it's so low stress, the crowd is amazing and i learn so much every time i go.  It's extremely humbling since most if not all of the vendors there have incredible work displayed. Really kicks me in the ass and i love it. Monsterpalooza is the only con where i feel like my work ( and i ) has a perfect niche... a mix of nerdery with horror and art industry folks without leaning too much towards one group. Thrilled!

Having said that, im physically and mentally exhausted. People don't realize how tiring a convention is...7 hours of non stop talking, standing, engaging, setting up stuff and not eating ( or peeing) exactly when you want because you have customers to help! Then getting some socializing in at night and trying to see about 50 people i only get to visit once a year! Not that im not grateful for a constant stream of business! It's amazing. It's just that it's more physically taxing than most people know so i have to ask for a little understanding if im a bit slow on emails and shipping for a bit.

So I'm going to be taking it a bit easy this month and please be patient when it comes to restocking barrettes and other handmade stuff! The studio needs a complete cleaning and organization and i need to deal with a lot of non-work related grown up stuff i was putting off to prep for the convention. This is why i can't do too many conventions in a year... its about a month of everything getting thrown off between prepping and recovery leading up to and after a convention.

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