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Warped warning, stock/order news

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  With the summer starting to heat up and Sabertooth masks going home to their owners, i wanted to make sure i mentioned something! Your mask MAY arrive slightly warped thanks to hot weather.  The masks heat sensitivity was mentioned in the item's store page but it still may be an unexpected surprise for customers. Do not panic! The masks can easily be shaped back to normal using a hair dryer or a normal oven on LOW heat for a few minutes. I would advise placing the mask on some sort of supportive structure if you use an oven to warm it. Once the mask or jaw has been softened shape it gently to the size/width you want and hold until cool. Once shaped you can reinforce the inside of the mask with a number of materials to prevent future heat warping.

From June 14th to the 19th, the store will have low or no stock due to convention travel.  Emails will be answered after the 19th. Items will return though i cannot predict exactly when since i have to physically make everything. Be patient, things will come back! :)

Sabertooth DIY masks have almost all gone out the door! Just a few stragglers... then the fully painted masks will ship! I apologize for the delays... my assistant had an injury and couldn't work for awhile which slowed everything down. This was also a complicated project since there were four separate pieces to make... the more elements, the more that can go wrong! :P  I have a new mask in the works which will hopefully be up for pre-order at the end of June! 

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