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Shipping + conventions

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 I'd like to thank all my customers who have been super patient with how slow shipping can be. Im really glad that so many people are really understanding that the store is run by one person so stuff doesnt always get out as quick as Amazon or other places with huge shipping crews! 

As i mentioned back in September I'm cutting out all conventions besides Monsterpalooza in April. I'm also becoming really selective about what gallery shows i can do. One of the many reasons is that these events create a ripple of extra work and exhaustion that effect the shipping speed of my shop. Because my stuff takes so much time to make, prepping for a convention means i have to make enough stuff to fill a table... no small task! When a few events are within a month or a week of each other it really throws a wrench in things and i have to play a lot of catch up which can take weeks. It's also super stressful.

While it's nice to get to put faces to the names i see in my orders but after 9 years of doing conventions, i think my happiest is when im at home making stuff.  With the cost of attending/ traveling and how much work goes into it all, doing cons is making less sense for me overall. I think taking a little break will be good for me and good for the folks who buy my work online. Plus less con crud for me! ;P

So while items wont be mailed out the same day or anything, im anticipating shorter waiting times for shipments once i get my last con for 2012 out of the way and get a chance to catch up on a few things.

Looking forward to a calmer 2013 with more work and LOTS of projects in the works... stay tuned!

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