Good news! The second round of Robodogman pre-orders have been fulfilled! I will be taking a break from them for a bit but another round is not out of the question this year.

 I am also moving house and work space. I will not have a proper studio for a few weeks starting Monday- my assistant will still be pouring blank masks so there will be a few surprise drops in the shop but shipping may be delayed after early next week until my computer is unpacked. If everything goes smoothly, the work space should be up and running again in early June! The new space was built as an artist work space and will be the first time I get to enjoy having a large dedicated area for art instead of converting small rooms and porches. With this new opportunity, I am hoping to grow the business a bit more and expand on a few ideas. If anything, i will just be thrilled not to track glitter and monster clay all over my living area, haha.

 I am extremely grateful to be able to own my own home for the first time in my life and that would not be possible without years of success brought on by supporters and loyal buyers. Thank you so much for helping a working artist have a career and i hope to be able to make even more art for your enjoyment with this beautiful, perfect studio...

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