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Sabertooth preorder update!

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 Sabertooth mask update: Pouring is going well, things are on track. I need to order shipping supplies for the masks... should start to ship DIY's in about 2 weeks. They will be shipped in batches due to the amount of orders.

Please, as i mentioned in the pre-order's description (that the buyer agreed they had read when they made a purchase), refer to this page for your information and refrain from emailing me to "check in".  The masks were listed to start shipping in May  and they are being prepped to ship... i just can't spend time answering individual emails and anything id tell you in an email is all right here ;)

Once your mask has been packed up, you will get a fulfillment email from me. Until then please hang tight during the month of May. Your mask is coming. Keep in mind there are several dozen people eager for their mask as well and im only one human being :)

All the masks are sold out at this time. I will do a few one off finished and painted skulls down the road but please be patient. I need to get the pre-ordered stuff finished first. I will not make blank skulls again ( sold out, limited edition) 

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