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 So some bad but not horrible news: The production mold for the main piece of the Anubot mask head has come out poorly and will need to be re-made. This is something that just happens when working with silicone and cannot be predicted- i do not want to go ahead with this production using a crappy mold.

I am sorry that this will mean a longer wait time for this pre-order. It's an expensive , time consuming mistake so i will be opening a handful of slots to cover the costs on MONDAY DECEMBER 19TH AT 7PM PACIFIC.

If anyone is not okay with waiting for their pre-ordered Anubot kit, I will gladly offer a refund if you contact the store with your order number. If anyone drops out, i will offer those open slots for sale.

I apologize for this issue, this is just one of those annoying accidents that happen. Not fun at all but luckily my buyers are folks who get it and are super understanding- thank you for your patience! I will update again soon!


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