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Okay so it looks like the second mold has worked- Anubot production is officially underway!!

It will still take me a few weeks to get all of the orders made and shipped- remember that it's not just me pouring the parts into a mold! Just dealing with casting is tough- wrestling the silicone parts out of the shell, ripping it apart, ripping the cast out of the large mold- is way more physically demanding than most people know.  It's also a lot of clean up, trimming, organizing, patching, sanding, wrapping, boxing, label printing, taping, taping, taping. There is only so much i can physically do in one day and i get tired just like anyone else!

I don't point this out to get people to feel sorry for me or to look like im suffering but so that folks can understand how much time and energy this takes. Through being open about this I hope that it fosters patience and understanding with delays like this. I do not like making people wait but i also really don't want to send out stuff that isn't as good as it could have been.

So thank you all for being super patient with this run of masks so far! It makes a HUGE difference in my life to have buyers who trust me. Thank you!

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